Selection Procedure

On receipt of recruitment permission to Reliance Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. an advertisement will be published in the local newspapers to invite applications from interested and qualified people.

Applications thus received/ collected will be scrutinized by a selection committee as per the requirement of the overseas employer and a short list of candidates will be prepared for the final interview. These candidates will be called for the interview which will be carried out under the presence of the employer or his representative after which a list of the selected candidates will be prepared.

Medical Examination:
The Successful candidates will be sent for a medical examination in authorized hospitals and clinics. Only those candidates who are found medically fit will be eligible for employment.

Forwarding Documents:
Documents such as passport copy, photo, educational and experience certificates of the selected candidates will be forwarded to the respective employer/ company as per their need. The attachment of the medical certificate is necessary for the visa procedure in country of employment.

Time Period and Departure Procedure:
Upon receipt of the visa/ entry visa from the country of employment, Reliance Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. will start making the necessary arrangement to send the candidates overseas. During this period all the candidates will be given orientation sessions to familiarize them with the general rules and regulations of the company/ employer and the country of employment. Formalities to be candidates themselves and travel documents like passport air ticket (in some cases PTA provided by the employer) will be handed over to the candidates by Reliance Recruitment Prior to departure. All the above activities will be conducted with mutual understanding among the employer / company, candidates and Reliance Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. Generally it takes minimum 10 days to maximum one month after receiving the visas to send all the candidates.


  1. Reliance Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. is responsible to deploy manpower (workers) on time.
  2. Reliance Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. is liable to undertake all responsibilities to repatriate all workers founds technically and physically unfit by the employer.